You may find yourself in the situation in which your application is refused and subsequently need help in understanding the process that could overturn that decision. In some cases, the right of appeal exists, whereas in others it does not. We will make clear to you what rights you have and the likelihood of success of your appeal. Take advantage of our free telephone assessment, find out your legal rights and avoid wasting any money. Call us on +44 (0) 208 866 6464 or email

There are various types of appeal with which we can help:


(1) Appeals against settlement visa refusals;


(2) Appeals against non-settlement visa refusals;


(3) Appeals/Administrative review against Points-Based System visa refusals;


(4) Appeals against dependent Points-Based System refusals;


(5) Applications for permission to appeal (to both the First-tier and Upper Tier Tribunal);


(6) bail applications and appeals;


(6) Requests for a review of your case with the Home Office.

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