Insolvency and Bankruptcy Solicitors

Insolvency and Bankruptcy Solicitors

Insolvency and Bankruptcy Solicitors

Personal Insolvency

We have the expertise to be able to assist you and advice you on the following:

If you are a Creditor

  • If you are owed more than £750 and are considering making an application to make someone bankrupt for the unpaid debt or obtaining a County Court Judgment then you will be advised to serve a Statutory Demand upon the Debtor. There are several different types of demand and we can help you to chose the right one and prepare this and arrange for its service.
  • Failure to respond to the Statutory Demand will enable you to take bankruptcy proceedings.  These will need to be prepared carefully if the application is to be successful. Once bankrupt a Receiver will be appointed to take control of the Bankrupt’s estate with a view to collecting the assets and selling them off with a view to making payment of your debt.

 If you are a Debtor

  • If you have been served with a Statutory Demand then we have the expertise to advise you as to whether it may be successfully set aside, and to assist you in making the Application to the Court.
  • We are also able to assist you in opposing a Bankruptcy Petition if one is served upon you.

Please contact Gurpreet Reehal on 020 8866 6464 or e-mail on, who shall be pleased to discuss your matter with you.

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