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The Sethi Partnership Solicitors

The Barn House, 38 Meadow Way,
Eastcote, Ruislip, Middlesex
England, HA4 8TB

Probate & Inheritance Disputes


There is nothing like a death in the family to give rise to disagreements about wills and inheritance. This can lead to relations being strained or irretrievably broken down.

In the worst case scenario a relative can lose the home they are have been living in or be left feeling abandoned and unprovided for by a deceased parent or relative. In some cases an earlier will have been replaced by a will made while the deceased was unwell, suffering from a terminal illness and prone to being unduly influenced into making the later will.

Our specialist litigation lawyers have a particular expertise in cases involving disputes about the validity of wills, the correction of errors in wills, claims against an estate for proper provision to be made for a dependent relative or for claims to property jointly owned by a deceased and a survivor.

Our probate and inheritance disputes solicitors advise on issues such as:

  • Wills which are invalid due to lack of testamentary capacity.
  • Wills which are liable to be set aside due to undue influence.
  • Mutual Wills, where two deceased made wills which they agreed not to change after the death of one of them.
  • Cases involving assets in several jurisdictions.
  • Establishing legal title to property which formed part of an estate but where the title deeds name someone else.
  • Claims by dependents not named in a will to be provided for out of the estate.

Whatever your interest is in an estate, either as executor, beneficiary or disappointed relative or if you have some other claim against an estate the expert probate and inheritance dispute lawyers at The Sethi Partnership Solicitors can help you to resolve matters as quickly and cost effectively as possible with a strategic and pragmatic plan aimed at minimising the expense and delays of court proceedings. 

Contact our probate & inheritance dispute lawyers in Ruislip, Middlesex today 

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Examples of recent cases dealt with by us:-

  • Claim to rectify title at Her Majesty’s Land Registry to a substantial Central London property owned and rented out by the deceased as landlord but which was not registered in their name at the time of death.
  • Family member in complex property dispute involving trust deed.
  • Dispute about mutual wills made by a husband and wife who had agreed to leave all their estate to one relative, but where the wife (following the death of her husband) changed her will to leave her estate to that relative and others.
  • Several disputes about validity of wills on grounds of lack of testamentary capacity where the deceased was suffering from a serious terminal illness and the lawyer who prepared the will had failed to comply with the “Golden Rule” by getting an independent medical opinion as to the understanding by the deceased of what they were doing by making their will.
  • Acting for beneficiaries where discontented relatives tried to advance spurious claims to a share of an estate which was contrary to the wishes of the deceased.
  • Acting for three siblings who were executors and equal beneficiaries of their parent’s estate and one of their children was refusing to move out of the deceased’s house unless they were paid a lump sum which was the deceased was rumoured to have stipulated, but which was not provided for in their will.
  • Acting for the Irish parents of victims of serious brain injuries following a road traffic accident in having a statutory will made by the court to protect substantial settlements of their claims for damages against the driver.

Coronavirus COVID19 

In light of the Coronavirus and in an effort to assist our clients and the economy, we are offering reduced rates on our fees* in some areas of work valid for the month of April.

We are open for Business as Usual with mindful protection. 

Our lawyers are still fully able and equipped  to assist existing clients and new clients by telephone, email, facetime and online meetings. We are not encouraging face to face appointments but we do have an outside office that can be utilised for signatures etc. whilst keeping in line with social distancing.

Existing Clients
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New Clients
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*Reduced rates include: preparation of Wills, initial 1 hour fixed fee for Employment matters, Landlord &Tenant matters, Conveyancing matters for first time buyers and key workers.

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