Medical Negligence Solicitors

Medical Negligence Solicitors

You May Have a MEDICAL NEGLIGENCE CLAIM & could be entitled to COMPENSATION!

What is Medical Negligence?

Most medical and nursing treatment in the UK is of a high technical standard and most heath service staff are dedicated professionals working to tight deadlines and budgets to deliver care. Sometimes everything does not always go well and mistakes happen.

Medical Professionals owe their patients a “Duty of care”.

Patients are entitled to expect a reasonable standard of care. If this is not met by your doctor and other health professionals under whose care you are then they may have fallen below the standards expected of them and breached their duty of care.

Clinical negligence is the term we use to describe cases where this duty of care is breached.

Does “Medical Negligence” refer to one type of Doctor only?

No!… Medical Negligence can be claimed against any Health Professionals, i.e:

How do I know if I’ve suffered from Medical Negligence?

There are many forms of Medical Negligence and you may have to ask yourself a few questions:
Did you understand your treatment and its risks?
Doctors are responsible for making sure that you properly understand all the risks that may be involved in your treatment, including any surgery.
If you didn’t understand the risks then you couldn’t have given INFORMED CONSENT.
If you are not given all the appropriate information you may have a claim for clinical negligence if the procedure is unsuccessful and you suffer pain.
Have you or your family suffered injury or death because of the following?

Health Professionals have to meet a certain standard of care and if you feel you or your family have suffered from any of the above, then you may have a claim for Medical Negligence.

Did you feel like your treatment was handled poorly?

If your treatment was handled poorly it may have resulted in your symptoms or condition to have worsened and the responsibility of your care lies with your doctor, dentist or clinician.

Have you already made a complaint to your doctor or dentist?

If your treatment is NHS or Private, there should be a complaints procedure to follow and this should be freely provided to patients if requested. The complaints procedure should be explained to you and your complaint should be handled in a timely fashion. We can advise you on the NHS or Private Healthcare Complaints procedure and when necessary start a claim for compensation.

When can I make a claim?

The three year rule for certain medical negligence compensation claims can start from the ‘date of knowledge’. This means from when you first became aware that you can make a claim  i.e. when you first became aware that negligence had caused your injury or when you first realised you could make a claim.

What Can The Sethi Partnership Solicitors Do?

We have a specialist department handling both the straight forward to the more complex clinical negligence claims and can assist with minor injury clinical negligence claims through to serious and fatal injury clinical negligence claims.

If your injury is still present at the time of instruction, the independent expert may recommend private medical treatment or a future care plan. Providing the liability has been admitted by the third party, your medical negligence compensation solicitor can negotiate the cost of any current and future treatment to be paid by the other side.
The medical negligence solicitor will then explain the types of funding available.

Our medical negligence solicitors aim to settle your medical negligence claim efficiently and with maximum injury compensation.

Our medical negligence solicitors will not just advise you on making a clinical negligence claim, but will support you throughout.

Where medical negligence has not been confirmed, or admitted we can arrange an opinion from an independent medical expert before you decide to make a claim.

If liability is admitted and the client requires physiotherapy or private medical treatment or remedial treatment after an accident or clinical negligence this can be arranged.

Why should I Choose The Sethi Partnership Solicitors over other Personal Injury or Medical Negligence Firms?

We are a team of solicitors with extensive experience in litigious matters and we have succeed in claims against…


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