Sethi Partnership Solicitors Raises Over £800 for Legal Aid Charities

Leading local Solicitors firm, The Sethi Partnership Solicitors, has raised over £800 for Legal Aid Charities, after participating in the London Legal Walk last week.

The special London Legal Walk event took place on Monday 22nd May, with a record 12,000 walkers taking part from more than 700 teams. Walkers begin in Carey Street in Chancery Lane, London’s famous legal district, and walked 10km around a preferred route of choice via either the Thames River Hyde Park.

Organised by the The London Legal Support Trust, the annual event is designed to raise funds for free legal services in London & the South East. Access to justice is not always equally available to everyone, with those from lower income backgrounds often finding it particularly difficult to gain legal support. Receiving the legal advice they need makes a huge difference to people’s lives, reducing debt, poverty and homelessness, and combatting discrimination and injustice.

Ritu Sethi, Senior Partner for the Sethi Partnership Solicitors, said:

“It was a great day and we’d like to say a huge thank-you to all those who took part and who supported us,” said Ritu Sethi, Senior Partner for The Sethi Partnership Solicitors. “Legal advice is  crucial but can be expensive so it is particularly important for us to support this cause now with the demise of the Legal aid system. Access to justice continues to be a growing problem in our society, and it’s important to be able to give something back and assist causes like this.”

The Sethi Partnership Solicitors takes its Corporate Social Responsibility policy very seriously, lending its support to local, London-wide, and national and international initiatives as regularly as possible. Ritu Sethi recently attended a dinner in aid of a special Barnardo’s project to support safer childhoods, which was hosted by British Barrister and Lecturer, Cherie Blair, at the University Women’s Club. She is also committed to forwarding the position of women in the workplace, regularly speaking at inspirational and business events.


“This document is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. It is recommended that specific professional advice is sought before acting on any of the information given.”