The Seven Week Itch

As we move through week seven of lockdown, many couples are experiencing growing unease.

Whilst some couples feel supported by their partner and feel it has given them time together and brought them closer, many more feel increasingly irritated and distant. Existing issues are magnified.

Lockdown is putting even the strongest relationships under strain.

It is understandable that the extraordinary restrictions in our lives have led to stress and anxiety. We are creatures of habit and have lived our lives with freedom. We are used to structure and routine in our lives and time and “space” away from our partners.  We are accustomed to going out to work, taking our children to school, visiting our loved ones whenever we want, going out to pubs and restaurants, planning and going on holiday. We are used to living busy lives.

Having all of this put on hold and suddenly having to be “still” has been both daunting and challenging.  Whilst many have adjusted to new routines and a “new normal,” some people now find themselves suffering from the “sevenweek itch.”

As Family Law specialists, we are used to seeing a peak in new instructions after Christmas when spending an unusually long time together brings issues to the surface.  When we add to the mix an extended period of isolation, worries about finances and job security, juggling working from home with childcare and home schooling, worries about our own health and that of our loved ones and uncertainty about the future, we anticipate a post-lockdown peak.

If you find you may be heading in this direction, you may want to put the brakes on and re-route.  It may be best to put big and difficult decisions on hold for now.

There is a lot of help available to you as an individual and to both of you as a couple.

The national organisation, Relate, continue to offer advice and support.  Their Chief Executive has urged people experiencing problems to seek out telephone or webcam counselling, instead of allowing problems to fester during the lockdown. There are also numerous individual counsellors that can similarly offer remote support. This may be the time to reach out for help.

We hope that couples will be able to work through any growing unease in their relationship but if they cannot, our Family Law team are here to advise and assist you.

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